Cast Polyester

This is a cast thermoset resin based material, made polyester resin cast in tubes. This material is non toxic material as is suitable for a wide variety of applications, such as: Musical instruments, writing instruments, interior design, high end household accessories, hobby/craft, cutlery, military and bush craft knives, furniture manufacture and restoration and fashion.

This material can be turned/machined on hand and CNC lathes as well as being milled drilled and laser cut.

Sheet Collection

Perfect for furniture panels, inlays and veneering. The sheet is easy to cut on a saw or laser and will add distinction to any item.

California Collection

Vibrant blends of colour flowing elegantly together that can be turned into items of real distinction.

Tigris Perla Collection

Taking inspiration from our Cheetah structure, this is a contemporary twist on the reality. Incorporating a two-tone base and high density pearl pigment Tigris Perla exudes class and distinction.

Abstract Collection

This collection has taken inspiration from the 1960s to the upper echelons of the universe. Multiple colours all blended together in a variety of unique and specialist structures make this the collection for the individual. Whether you want something that resembles a stick of rock or something that looks like the scenery of a galactic adventure, here you will find it.

Skins Collection

This collection captures the beauty of some of the world’s most beautiful creatures. You will be able to produce stunning pieces and at the same time support, in a small way, the importance of ecological values.

Semi-Precious Collection

This collection allows individuals to enjoy the beauty of some of the worlds finest gemstones and organic treasures, at a fraction of the cost, and be turned into breathtaking works of art.

Natural Collection

What started with our Ivory Alternative 849/tm in the late 1980s, our Natural Collection has evolved into a selection of structures, which are Alternatives to real natural materials

Pietra Dura Collection

Pietra is a structure that has an appearance of a crushed velvet or mineral affect. It has a deep pearl affect, which gives it a vibrant and distinctive appearance when finished.